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  • Original Aloe Vera drink with cranberry juice concentrate

    Original Aloe Vera drink with cranberry juice concentrate

    4 499 Ft
  • Original Aloe Vera drink with micropulp

    Refreshing, slightly bitter-tasting, high quality Aloe Vera drink for detoxification It generally supports and strengthens the body.

    4 299 Ft
  • Original Aloe Vera spray 500 ml

    Insect bites, sunburn, skin irritation? Choose the Organic Aloe Vera Spray, made of 100% stabilized Aloe Vera juice, and enjoy its calming and nourishing effects.

    4 499 Ft
  • Original Aloe Vera Sunscreen for face and body SPF30 150ml

    The Original Aloe Vera Sunscreen is a 30 SPF lightweight sun protection cream for face and body. Absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy or sticky feeling on the skin….

    2 499 Ft


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Original Aloe Vera product reviews

Aloe vera sport gels

New arrivals

The Original Aloe Vera is your companionship through your workout too

You can count on our NEW Original Aloe Vera Sport line for both warm-up and after training recovery! Now in Rossmann drugstores!
Support your body shaping and the health of your joints with the power of aloe vera!

Original Aloe Vera Drink

Boost your immune system with Original Aloe Vera Drinks!

Why should you drink 1-2 cups a day? It helps to keep your immune system functioning normally, but it’s also good for your hair and skin. Drink it on its own or use it to make delicious non-alcoholic cocktails!
For those who like more natural flavours, the Aloe Drink with Micropulp is suggested; while for lovers of fruity flavors and children, the sweet Cranberry version (free of added sugar and artificial sweetener) is the perfect choice.

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