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    Questions answered so far

    I’m reading more and more that aloe vera is a miracle cure for almost everything. Can you help me with the main positive effects of aloe vera?

    beküldte: Gabriella age: 46

    Dear Gabriella,

    Aloe vera is an excellent moisturizer with skin soothing and regenerating properties, it promotes the renewal processes of the skin’s epidermis. Can be used in many ways, so we can recommend it to you for internal use as well as for skin care.

    Why should I use Original Aloe Vera skin care cosmetics? Thank you for your reply.

    beküldte: Erika age: 35

    Dear Erica,

    Original Aloe Vera spray, gel and skin protection cosmetics help to maintain skin health and restore optimal skin condition. Immediate help at home or when travelling, e.g. to relieve minor irritation, treat burns, mosquito bites or redness caused by sunburn.

    Do you recommend using Original Aloe Vera skin care products together or not?

    beküldte: Mónika age: 24

    Dear Monica,

    When applied after the Original Aloe Vera Spray, the gel or cream can lock in moisture in the deeper layers beneath the skin’s surface for longer period of time. The hydrated skin condition allows a more intensive care and regeneration, as the valuable skin soothing, conditioning and regenerating ingredients of the formulas can penetrate deeper into the hydrated skin.

    I have dandruff and my friend recommended me to use the Original Aloe Vera Gel regularly, I’m a bit sceptical, so I would like to ask if the gel really helps to eliminate dandruff on the head?

    beküldte: Steve age: 48

    Dear Steve,

    First of all, thank you for your trust and for contacting us with your question.

    The Original Aloe Vera Gel really helps to eliminate dandruff from the scalp.