Sun protection all year around

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Sun protection all year around

Why is it important to use sunscreen?

Serums with active ingredients, masks, creams or cleansers may come to our mind in case of daily facial care routine, but there is one really important step we need to pay attention to 365 days a year: SUN PROTECTION!

Professionals are also trying to raise awareness of the need to use sunscreen not only in the summer, but also at any time of the year, as UV rays can damage our skin all year round. In addition, they can increase the risk of skin cancer and many other diseases by weakening skin cells and damaging the immune system.  You might say that the skin doesn’t forget, because the problem doesn’t appear immediately, but can develop much later and become untreatable.

Summer sun protection

Of course, in summer, sun protection requires even more attention.

Here again, it is important to stress that sunscreen should be used not only during active sunbathing, but also for as long as you are outdoors.

And there are many other reasons to use sunscreen, in addition to avoiding illness. Think about keeping your skin young and healthy! Who wouldn’t want to keep her skin looking fresh and glowing for a long time?

Which product should we choose?

If you want young and healthy skin, it’s essential that some form of sunscreen must be part of your daily routine.

It’s always a good idea to choose a sunscreen that not only protects your skin from UV rays, but also moisturizes, regenerates and helps restore moisture.

It is practical to be able to apply it to both body and face at the same time. Many people don’t realise it, but protection can also come in handy when you’re not sunbathing on purpose, but just outdoors, hiking, walking the dog, etc. Why? I’m sure you’ve noticed that the skin on the back of our hands and the neckline is more sensitive and can dry out and get wrinkled more easily. This is exactly why it is important to protect and care for these areas.

New Original Aloe Vera sunscreen range

We have good news!

The Original Aloe Vera line has been extended with new products.

Original Aloe Vera SPF30 sunscreen for face and body 50ml or 150ml has 30 sun protector factor, it is a lightweight sunscreen with a comfortable “wear”. It leaves no greasy feeling, is non-sticky and extremely fast absorbing.  Regular use helps prevent premature ageing of the skin. This sunscreen provides both protection and care for the skin.

The Original Aloe Vera After Sun Calming and Cooling Lotion 150ml is a real refreshment after sunbathing or tanning. Recommended for all skin types, it can also be used on face and body. It ensures a longer-lasting tan and effectively soothes and cares for unpleasant post-burn stretch marks and dry skin.  And with its valuable ingredients, it is able to replenish the skin’s moisture content.

Enjoy your summer sunbath safely!